Keep It Crypto!

BigCoinCrypto is an exciting platform that merges the world of cryptocurrencies with community participation, turning what is often seen as a complex financial domain into an engaging and fun experience. Here are the key features:

  • Established in 2018, BigCoinCrypto was founded with the mission to create a safe, community-driven environment for people to learn about cryptocurrency.
  • Daily Drawing: A daily lottery where one lucky member's ticket is randomly selected by an autonomous system, allowing users to potentially win free cryptocurrency.
  • Player’s Pot: A feature where all players, regardless of whether they win the daily drawing or not, receive a share, further promoting community participation.
  • Global Give Fund: A percentage of each ticket purchased contributes to the Global Give Fund, allowing users to support various charitable organizations chosen by community votes.
  • KeepItCrypto Referral Program: A four-tier referral program where users receive automatic Bitcoin credits when their unique referral link is used. This extends up to four degrees of referral separation.
  • Partnership with BigCoinCrypto has partnered with, providing users with a comprehensive list of retailers and service providers that accept cryptocurrencies.
  • In essence, BigCoinCrypto is a fun, low-risk way to win, earn, donate, and learn about cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, while participating in a global community that supports charitable causes.

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